Coaching sessions

"When you are ready - there is always someone to help you." 

Why coaching?

Coaching – a conversation between two people, where, by using purposeful questions we discover new possibilities and solutions. During the session, you will have an open space to hear yourself and uncover what is truly important in your life. Opening up to new ways to see existing problems and finding clarity which supports you in making desirable changes. Generally, the focus is not to the past, but from where you are to where you want to go, and how to make that happen.

As in every other part of life where we seek guidance, a coach is someone who helps us to go where we want to be. Life coaching serves this purpose just focusing more specifically in the situations we face every day: relationships, self - development, career, challenges which we want to overcome and all of the problems which don't allow us to feel happy. During coaching sessions, I help to clarify what kind of change you are looking for and together we look to how you can realize that change. If you want to improve your relationships - you will improve them. If you want to change your profession - you will start moving in a more desirable direction. Sounds too simple? A coach can guarantee these results if the client works together and takes responsibility to take the necessary actions in his own reality. 

Life Coaching Enneagram

Is this for me?

  •  „Inside I feel anxious and do not know how to rebuild my normal state of being."

  • "Life looks very hard at this stage and I do not see it‘s meaning."

  • „It is express love toward myself and inside I do not feel confident."

  •   „I have a lot of ideas but  feel stuck in how to realize them."

  • „I constantly feel tension in my relationships with others and they do not give me any pleasure."    

  • „I do not know how to move from the place where I am. I do not feel happy."

  •  „I do not enjoy my job but at the same time I do not know what I want to do."

Benefits for me

  • Improvement of specific skills or behavior;

  • Establishing goals and taking action towards achieving them;

  • Becoming more self-reliant, learning to trust yourself;

  • Gaining greater job and life satisfaction;​

  • Feeling more connected with yourself and others;

  • Communicating more effectively; 

  • Developing greater self-awareness;

  • The opportunity to correct behavior/performance difficulties;

  • First session

    In the first session, we will get to know each other better and give you an opportunity to decide if coaching sessions works for your situation.

  • Price

    First session is free with no commitments. Every following session  $60 NZD - 1 - 1.5 hour.

  • Location

    I am based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The biggest portion of my work via Skype.  I welcome everyone from all time zones.

  • Privacy

    After the first session, we sign a contract that confirms 100% privacy as I am working strictly followed by ICF standards.

About me

My name is Viltarė. Originally from Lithuania, I now live and work out of my new home of New Zealand. What started as a hobby 10 years ago, has gradually become my profession; helping people to find a way through the problems they are experiencing.

My training and competence in my field was gained through several different schools:

- Coaching skills - Baltic Coaching Centre

- Self- coaching - Makani Academy

- Enneagram (Practioner, Master) -  ICTA

- Neurolinguistic programming - ICTA

The knowledge gained from my training forms the basis for my practice and application in my work. During my sessions clients experience my full understanding and presence, hearing them and helping them to find what is truly at the root of the problems which they are facing. With the help of different techniques and methods, we are able to establish a path beyond the problems.

In my vocabulary "Helping others to grow" means not trying to fix the other but to show them that they could be more than they imagined, helping them to rediscover their inner strength. I believe in humans potential, and their ability to change and grow. What I see in the situations faced by my clients is that often there is just one limiting belief which keeps them from realizing their dreams. I believe that every person on this planet holds all of the answers they seek within themselves, but training from childhood forms the old beliefs which don‘t allow them to see their true potential. This is where I find my work very rewarding, together with my clients finding new ways which they had never considered.


I love traveling, immersing myself in books and studying different life philosophies such as Vedic, Sufism, Mayan. I am very interested in minimalism, yoga, and astronomy. Most of my days are filled with creative projects and hours of writing my observations about human behavior.



The thoughts I am following in my life:

Honest heartfelt understanding is better than a thousand techniques.
By changing our daily habits we create a space for our new personality to grow.

There is no reason to not listen to your heart. S.Jobs.

The most important factor is to be fair to yourself. Other people are a reflection of ourselves.

A happy life has to meet it‘s true nature.

Who if not you, when if not today?

Learn who you are and be so.

We do not need to make ourselves better, we just need to rediscover qualities which were lost through time.


What impressed me the most was Viltarė’s ability to ask the right questions during the coaching sessions. In this way, she taught me to look for answers within myself that were real and most in line with my values. At the end of the conversation, Viltarė always summarizes our conversation and with encouraging words overview next week "homeowork". These led to further self-knowledge and to step beyond my comfort zone. I became happier and more confident in myself.

Viltare was my first life coach who was very professional and supportive.


Viltare is able not only perfectly to listen, but also to hear and respond. It helped me to find a courage to look deeper into myself than I was used to doing before. Thank you!

I really learned a lot during our sessions, because Viltare knew how to open the eyes of another by asking the right questions.


Pleasant, unobtrusive communication, friendly atmosphere relaxes, gives the courage to be yourself, to be free, which encourages self-interest, improvement, start doing good actions.


Thank you for your knowledge and love for what you do.

Baltic coaching centre



Very beautiful written words by Tomas Masiulionis
which accurately describes my ethic working  with you:

I hear what you say and I am interested in it

I respect your thought and I am learning from them

I emphasies with your feelings and respond to them

I am concentrated and ready to help you.

I admit your unique personality and I am open to you.

I believe in your unlimited possibilities and trust your decisions.

I won't try to change you, just help you to grow.

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