Coaching sessions

"When you are ready - it is always someone to help you." 

Coaching - two people conversation, where by using purposeful questions we rediscovering new possibilities, solutions. During the session, you will have an open space to hear yourself and unlock the importance of your life. Open up for new ways to see existing problems and finding new ways, which supports making a desirable change in your life. Most of the time the focus in the sessions is not whats happen in the past but more where you want to go and how you can do that.

Like in every parts of our life we are looking for some coach who would help us to go where we want to be. Life coaching serves the same purpose just focusing more in life situations we face every day: relationships, self - development, career, daily challenges we want to overcome and oll the problems which don't allow us to feel happy. During coaching sessions, I help to purify what kind of change you are looking for and together we look how to realize that in your reality. If you want to make your relationships better - you will make them better. If you want to change your profession -you will start moving a desirable direction. Sounds to simple? The coach can guarantee this result if the client works as a team and takes responsibility to make necessary actions in his own reality. 

Why coaching?

Is this for me?

  •  „Inside I feel anxious and do not know how to rebuild my normal state of being"

  • "The Life looks very hard at this stage and I do see the meaning of it."

  • „It is hard to say - I love myself and inside do not feel confident"

  •  „I have a lot of ideas but  feel stuck with realizing them"

  • „I constantly feel tension in a relationship and they do not give me any pleasure"  

  •  „I do not know how to move from the place where I am. I do not feel happy."

  •  „I do not enjoy my job but at the same time I do not know what I want to do"

Benefits for me

  • Improvement of specific skills or behavior;

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals;

  • Become more self-reliant, learning to trust yourself;

  • Gain more job and life satisfaction;​

  • Feeling more connected with yourself and others;

  • Communicate more effectively; 

  • Developing greater self-awareness;

  • The opportunity to correct behavior/performance difficulties;

  • First session

    In the first session, we will get to know each other better and you could decide if coaching sessions works for your situation.

  • Price

    First session is free with no commitments. Every following session  $60 NZD - 1 - 1.5 hour.

  • Location

    I am based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The biggest portion of my work via Skype. Welcome every one from different time zones.

  • Privacy

    After the first session, we sign a contract that confirms 100% privacy as I am working strictly followed by ICF standards.

About me

My name is Viltarė and originally I am from Lithuania. Started as a hobby 10 years ago it developed over time into my profession - helping people to find the way through the problems they experience in the presents. I gain my competence in the different schools: Coaching skills - Baltic Coaching Centre, Self- coaching - Makani Academy, Enneagram (Practioner, Master) -  ICTA, Neurolingvistic programming - ICTA. The gained knowledge became a daily practice with my clients where the main focus I keep until now is to hear the other, to be in what is coming up in the moment and to open up what is truly stands behind the problem and by supporting with different technics and methods help to find the way out of a frozen moment. In my vocabulary, the word "Helping others to grow" means not trying to fix the other but to show that the person can do more than he imagine before. To help rediscover their inner strength.

I believe in human potential and their ability to change/grow. Most of the time I can see in my clients' situation that sometimes it is just one unserving belief which stands in front of their dream. I believe that every human on this planet has all the answers inside themselves, but different trainings in a childhood, brought believes from the pass, not always allowing us to see our true potential. And that is where I find my job very rewarding, where together with the client we find ways they have never thing about. 


I love traveling, reading books, studying different life philosophies such as Vedic, Sufism, Mayan. I am very interested in minimalism, yoga, and astronomy. Most of my days filled with creative projects and hours of writing my observations about human behavior.



The thoughts I am following in my life:

The honest understanding through the heart it is much better than thousands of technics.

By changing daily life habits we create a space for a new personality to grow.

There is no reason do not listen to your heart. S.Jobs.

The most important is to be fair to yourself. Other people it is just a reflection of us.

All the people can find everything they have ever desired into one flower or the ocean.

What if not you, when if not today?

A happy life has to meet his true nature.

Learn who you are and be so.

We do not need to make ourselves better, we just need to open some qualities which were lost through time.

atsisiųsti (3).jpg
Very beautiful written word by Tomas Masiulionis
which accurately describes my ethic working  with you:

I hear what you say and I am interested in it

I respect your thought and I am learning from them

I emphasies with your feelings and respond to them

I am concentrated and ready to help you.

I admit your unique personality and I am open to you.

I believe in your unlimited possibilities and trust your decisions.

I won't try to change you, just help you to grow.

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