Guided Enneagram sessions

Why Enneagram session?

Enneagram is an amazing tool for personal development. Although to gain the true value of it's teaching it is very important to discover your true type which people often mistake in the first place. The reason for that is that most people tend to choose the type which looks the most desirable. Let's be honest, we all have a journey to self- acceptance and to see ourselves for who we are in this present moment (without mixed feelings of what we admire or want to be), which is a challenging task for everyone. That is one of the misleading factors where many people find it hard to discover their personal types. If you feel unsure about your type or need guidance, feel free to email me and arrange a session.

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Who is it for?

  • Everyone who would like to professionally discover their Enneagram type;

  • Those looking for answers and personal development;

  • It is a great gift for yourself and those you love.

Benefits for me

Guidance in helping you to discover your type, in order to:

  • unlock your gifted qualities;

  •  understanding the actions which lead You to stress;  

  • release habits which don't serve you anymore;

  • discuss the tools for personal growth;

You will be provided with a handbook for your type, in order to:

  • helps to understand yourself better;

  • improve relationships with others.

  • Terms and conditions

    You will be provided with a full refund if you won't be happy with the service.


  • Price

    First session -  

    $80 NZD - 1 - 1.5 hour.

    Every additional hour

    if needed -  $50 NZD 

  • Location

    I am based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The biggest portion of my work via Skype. Welcome every one from different time zones.

  • Privacy

    After the first session, we sign a contract that confirms 100% privacy as I am working strictly followed by ICF standards.

Healing attitudes for the Enneagram types

  1. Maybe others are right, Maybe someone else has a better idea. Maybe others will learn for themselves. Maybe I've done all that can be done.

  2. Maybe I could let someone else do this. Maybe this person is actually already showing me love in their own way. Maybe I could do something good for myself, too.

  3. Maybe I don't have to be the best. Maybe people will accept me just the way I am. Maybe others' opinions of me aren't so important.

  4. Maybe there's nothing wrong with me. Maybe others do understand me and are supporting me. Maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  5. Maybe I can trust people and let them know what I need. Maybe I can live happily in the world. Maybe my future will be okay.

  6. Maybe this will work out fine. Maybe I don't have to foresee every possible problem. Maybe I can trust myself and my own judgments.

  7. Maybe what I already have is enough. Maybe there's nowhere else I need to be right now. Maybe I'm not missing out on anything worthwhile.

  8. Maybe this person isn't out to take advantage of me. Maybe I can let down my guard a little more. Maybe I could let my heart be touched more deeply.

  9. Maybe I can make a difference. Maybe I need to get energized and be involved. Maybe I am more powerful than I realize.

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