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What is You are more?

My name is Viltare

I belong to the Enneagram Type Three, “The Achiever.”

If you guessed that — as an Achiever — work is one of my favorite hobbies, you might have guessed right.

I was introduced to the Enneagram in early 2014, and since then my understanding of the world around me has drastically changed: From strictly knowing how I want my life to look, to accepting my unfolding story as I go through my days. From seeing others as competitors, to seeing value in cooperation by contributing with our unique gifts. From only expressing myself in the ways which my surroundings value, to discovering the value of my own intentions and authentic expression. These moments of understanding have shown me a new way of seeing the world that is free from the illusions of my type, allowing true and authentic expression.

Enneagram knowledge made an enormous impact on where I am now, and left me with only one path – to share with others what I discovered for myself, and support those who want to find the way to personal authenticity. You will meet me in our coaching sessions as per my profession: I work as a life coach. I share a lot of my messages through my writings, believing that through this form of art I can inspire others to rediscover a true potential that they hold inside themselves. At this moment, I live in New Zealand, although I was born and grew up in Lithuania. I am looking forward to connecting with everyone who is on the same journey to personal growth.

I'm Simona

I belong to the  Enneagram Type Four, “The Individualist.”

For a long time I lived inside my head, jumping from one person to another, playing hide-and-seek and hoping to find the one who actually sees who I truly am. So often I felt tempted to live in the sweet nostalgia than really experience life that was happening right in front of my nose. My fantasy world was so powerful and took over the majority of my life, until one day I reached the point of feeling overwhelmed. This is where I was introduced to the Enneagram, and dramatic changes happened in my life. By being aware of all my behavior patterns, I was able to catch myself in a moment and shift it. By having a lucid mind, I discovered so many new qualities in myself that I never even dreamed of having.


At this moment, I live in beautiful Luxembourg, although I was born and grew up in Lithuania. By profession I am a graphic designer and I love to connect with every Enneagram type to express its uniqueness through art. I believe that we all have our own path to walk through life, although somehow we share a lot of the same sadnesses and joys, hopes and wisdoms, and sometimes just sharing them with the people around us can make us feel more connected than ever.

I am always in the never-ending quest for answers about myself. If we can know ourselves on a deeper level, that is already the first step toward changing the world to a better place.

Simona Pozyte

Together we stand behind Youaremore_world,

which was built on an idea to encourage others to go on their own journey of personal growth. Our mission is to awaken curiosity in people, helping them to learn more about themselves, questioning their beliefs - especially the ones which no longer serve them — and encouraging their sense of freedom in order to allow them to live for what truly matters. For all of us, the origin is the same, having been conditioned and trained by our surroundings; however, we all also equally have the opportunity to reconnect to our true -selves and to let go of what’s no longer needed.

Enneagram is an incredibly valuable resource to begin this process. Here at Youaremore_world, we use the knowledge of Enneagram as the basis for our work, helping people to uncover the “persona” which they have formed in order to interact with daily life.

We are constantly expanding the horizons here at Youaremore_world, seeking new ways in which we can serve the greater community. If you found our work valuable, please sign up for our newsletter or connect with us on social media and share your experience. The greatest gift we can receive is your feedback to help us to continually improve.


Thank you for being a part of our community; we will see you out there in the wilderness, where your heart directs the footsteps of your unique soul.

With gratitude,

Viltare and Simona

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