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The following packages have been created to complement the Enneagram exercise books for those who wish to explore themselves in greater depth.


If you wish to work through your life challenges through the personalized connection of one-to-one support, book a session with our Authenticity Coach, Viltare. 

Enneagram session
Discovering my type
(120 min)

If you can’t decide which book is yours, and you hold doubts about your dominant type, this session will help you.

You will be guided by many carefully selected questions to find the core motivation of your daily actions, which leads to discovering your dominant type.

You will have a space to ask all the questions you have regarding Enneagram or your type. 

As a bonus you will receive a GIFT — your chosen Enneagram exercise book from our new collection.

This package includes:


2 x 60 min



FREE Enneagram exercise book of your choice




Enneagram coaching

(60 min)

This package is great for those who want to work in depth with their personality type and wish to learn more about the patterns they keep falling into.

We will explore:

  • How to notice your patterns?

  • How to overcome them in a moment?

  • What can further support your personality on this path?

This is a personalized session, working specifically with your type's relevant challenges and finding the freedom of authentic expression.

This package includes:


60 min session  

Additional material to support your daily practices



Life coaching

(60 min)

Our coaching sessions are based on authenticity and they all lead to discovering more of yourself and opening the side of your personality that you see as “who you want to become”.

We can help you to:

  • Expand your self-esteem;

  • Find connection with your inner self;

  • Know your behavior patterns and modify them;

  • Achieve desired goals;

  • Overcome and embrace your fears;

  • Gain greater job and life satisfaction;

  • Become more self-reliant; learn to trust yourself;

  • Create more harmonious relationships with others;

  • Improve communication (self-expression) skills;

  • Choose a career path according to your personality.

All sessions held by Viltare Veckyte who is a certificated life coach, Enneagram specialist and NLP practitioner.


We guarantee 100% privacy, as we work by strictly following ICF standards.


Sessions available in English and Lithuanian.

Location: online.

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Thank you for contacting the Youaremoreworld team.

Thank you for contacting the Youaremoreworld team.

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