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Enneagram is a unique tool in our modern society, helping us to learn more about our personality in greater depth: uncovering our behavioral patterns, highlighting recurring challenges we face, familiarizing us with the triggers which influence the way we feel, think and act.

Enneagram provides a healing path to our inner growth. The knowledge of Enneagram is used all over the world, and people have shared the following positive impacts on their lives: improved parenting; clarity for suitable career paths; recruitment of personalities that are well suited to their role; greater compatibility within their relationships; and a clearer path to their personal growth, supporting the expression of their authentic self. 

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Enneagram exercises for personal growth / type 6
Enneagram exercises for personal growth / type 6
Beauty begins..
Cosy Sunday with personal growth
Enneagram 4 exercises
Enneagram 4
Enneagram exercises for personal growth / type 6
Enneagram, Peacemaker / Type 9
Enneagram exercises

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