Find your type and unlock your inner being

  • The Perfectionist

    The Reformer

    • Afraid to make mistakes;

    • Make the world a better place;

    • Be good; 

    • High inner standards; 

    • Principled;

    • Self- controlled

  • The Helper

    The Helper

    • Caring, generous;

    • I want to be loved by others; 

    • Want to feel irreplaceable/good;

    • Know what others need

  • The Achiever

    The Achiever

    • Goal oriented;

    • Effective;

    • Adaptable;

    • Work is my priority;

    • Success is important;

    • Want to be loved and accepted

  • The Individualist

    The Individualist

    • Romantic;

    • Original;

    • I am different;

    • Always comparing myself to others;

    • Living in memories;

    • Dramatic;

    • Self-absorbed

  • The Investigator

    The Investigator

    • Solitude is important;

    • I do not care about others opinion of me;

    • Do not have time for meaningless conversations;

    • Importance of knowledge;

    • Logical;

    • I get tired from being with people;

    •  Want to understand the world

  • The Loyalist

    The Loyalist

    • Need security;

    • I test others;

    • Responsible;

    • Anxious;

    • Trustful;

    • Committed;

    • Rebellious toward authorities;

    • Skeptical;

    • Awareness of risks

  • The Enthusiast

    The Enthusiast

    • Spontaneous;

    • Productive;

    • Freedom;

    • Love new possibilities and experiences;

    • Want to have fun;

    • Adventure;

    • I have a lot of ideas

  • The Challenger

    The Challenger

    • Power;

    • Self-confident;

    • I see division - my people and all others;

    • Always need new challenges;

    • Fighting for truth;

    • Defend my territory;

    • Controlling

  • The Peacemaker

    The Peacemaker

    • Avoiding conflicts;

    • Importance of harmony;

    • Internal stability;

    • Easygoing;

    • Accepting of others;

    • Often forget myself;

    • Reassuring

What is The Enneagram?

Some people see possibilities, some see the danger, some people want to know everything about the world around them and at the same time others turn all of their focus to the inner world.  For some people, the most important thing in this world is harmony, where at the same time others fight for everything, attempting to protect their inner world. For some people, the world is based on following the rules, and for others, a world without rules leaves space for them to create their own. Some people see the world as right and some see it as unfair.

Regardless of which view you hold, we all live in the same world.  Some of our qualities paint this world in different colors, and that is why sometimes even though we may talk about the same thing, we can end up understanding differently. I want to share with you the knowledge of Enneagram, which represents 9 different types of personalities and the different view they each hold of the world which surrounds them.  At the same time, it underlines how we all relate and why we can still understand each other even though we are so different at first glance.  The Enneagram invites us to meet and rediscover our true nature and look into our true values.

- The Enneagram doesn't try to fit us in a "Box",

it just shows how much we live in our created "box" 


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