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The Enthusiast


The Enthusiast


  • Fun- loving

  • Spontaneous

  • Imaginative

  • Productive

  • Enthusiastic

  • Confident

  • Curious

  • Disciplined

  • Trusting their own decisions

  • Deeply and profoundly appreciative of life itself

  • Feeling the natural joy of being

  • Seeing life as a gift

  • Feeling satisfied and content with life

  • Charming

It is important for you: 

to live a happy and abundant life.

You do not feel good: 

when you experience sadness and emotional pain. You fear a boring, limited and poor life.

The name of this type really represents this type’s true nature, as they have a gift to see the beauty in everything that surrounds them, awakening an inner joy which they want to share with others. They are very playful personalities with a natural ability to multitask across different activities. They are great communicators and have a talent to generate many ideas. Light-hearted and always feeling excitement about different possibilities, they always find themselves being in action. They are fast learners and can connect a lot of different information, which together with their charming personality makes them amazing story-tellers and often at the center of attention.

Enthusiasts are often focused towards the future. They are vibrant, creative, and can easily generate many plans in their minds. Extraverted, optimistic, and practical, they believe that something better is waiting just around the corner. By being spontaneous and playful, they can find themselves being easily distracted, and as a consequence feeling exaggerated tension. This feeling of tension is experienced as a feeling of not having enough time to do everything that they want to. This awakens an inner fear of “missing out.”

​People of this type look to life as if it were a big celebration, full of possibilities and adventures. They can be recognized by their distinguishing traits of seeking pleasure, of trying to maintain their freedom and happiness, in order to ensure that they don't miss any possibility for pleasure — keeping themselves occupied, and unconsciously avoiding everything that could create negative experiences. Focusing only on the positive side of what the world can provide, they find it hard to accept their own loneliness and pain. Not fully accepting that they can experience unpleasant emotions, they also deny these emotions in others, trying to replace them with something “joyful.” This avoidance of certain emotions can manifest as outbreaks of anxiety or depression.

Personal growth for The Enthusiast begins when they allow themselves to stop in the moment and see life for what it is. Experiencing full presence naturally creates connection with their hearts, awakening a deep sense of gratitude for every experience they have. Letting go of the need to control and trusting in life’s natural unfoldment creates trust and inner silence from where they experience deep love and joy towards life. They become confident, joyful, and naturally happy. Knowing how to generate a lot of ideas that could benefit society, they become very good innovators. Seeing life as a playground and having a natural sense of humor, helps them to not take anything too seriously. Number Sevens remind us that: to live is the biggest gift in life.

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What other people of your type say about themselves:

  • In all situations I can see the positive side.

  • I always have a thousand thoughts in my head.

  • It is important to make spontaneous decisions;  I feel more energy in them.

  • I have a lucid imagination.

  • Every day is like a new adventure for me.

  • I easily find a solution to any problem.

  • I always live by future ideas.

  • I am always busy doing something.

  • It is hard to focus on one thing for a longer period of time.

  • I am very good at creating stories. From small things I can create a big story.

  • I cannot handle boredom.

  • It is easy for me to become inspired by listening to other peoples stories.

  • It is very important to experience movement and change.

  • Freedom is one of the most important things to me.

  • I am afraid to commit.

  • I seek things that could make me happy.

Image by Drew Beamer

Questions to help understand yourself better

Do you often think that you have a lot of ideas and feel that there is not enough time to realize all of them? 

Do you think that life is a big celebration and there is no time for negativity?

Is it hard for you to follow plans, schedules, and rules? 

Do you often change your plans and opinion? 

Do you agree that in each situation there is a bright side and it is easy for you to see that side? 

If you answered “yes” 4 out of 5 times, you most likely hold

the dominant personality type of Enthusiast.

Common mistypings: Type 3, Type 6, Type 9


Focus on enjoyment
Have fun
Inflated plans & desires
Rather ill-mannered


Focus on competition
Be admired
Inflated self-worth


Reject guidelines
Ignore authority


Seek guidelines
Aware of authority


Practices for personal growth:

Notice when you feel impatient. When you feel that your instincts are telling you to quit everything and run away, try to stop and calmly think if this is really the right decision.



Notice when you have a lot of ideas rushing through your head and an urgent need to share them with others. Try to see which thoughts have value and are worth sharing, and which can simply be observed and let go.


Practice prioritization. Taking many activities at once can often leave some of them incomplete. Plan your time according to your priorities and give your full attention to each activity individually.


Practice living fully in this present moment. If you keep thinking about the possibilities of the future, you will miss all that is happening in the present moment and the opportunity to ever be truly satisfied.


Observe the fear that if you make one decision you might lose some other valuable opportunity. Try to notice for yourself how it stops you from making any decision and keeps you stuck. Notice the value in your own decisions and find the inner trust that all of the decisions you make are the right ones and will serve you personally.

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