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Enneagram Exercise books for 9 types


Find the book that matches your personality and

open the doors to greater self-knowledge

We are happy to share with you these 9 Enneagram exercise books that were created uniquely to support you on a personal journey to your greater self and your authenticity.

In these books you will find:

  • Full type description;

  • Insightful questionnaire to determine your Enneagram type;

  • 40 exercises personalized for your type;

  • Real life stories shared by other people;

  • Supportive messages to help you grow;

  • Exercises to open your hidden beliefs;

  • Encouraging notes for your everyday awareness;

  • Inspiring quotes, helpful tools for setting your goals and so much more.

These books have an important purpose to serve:

Like many others, you will find that change begins at the first page, as the book takes you on a personal journey to your natural expression. This is the greatest gift for yourself!

Take yourself on a journey of self-discovery today

Find YOUR book

Have you ever heard the saying that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover? It's NOT the case here! Take a good look at the covers of the 9 books and choose the one that resonates the most with YOUR world

to help you to know yourself better

to awaken your inner acceptance

to expand your personality to the one you always wanted to be


What do people say about these books?

"This book presents such a wealth of information from start to finish! When I really took the time to sit with the exercises I gained a lot more insight into my own tendencies and habits of thought than I ever would have expected."

- Hanno, 29

Still not sure which book would be the best for you?

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