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The Loyalist

You think you are number six, in Enneagram, also known as the LOYALIST? Please become familiar with this type in the description below:

People who belong to this type look for security in life. They analyze all situations and attempt to predict what the outcome could be.

Loyalists have a very delicate sense of humor, often doubting themselves and their surroundings. 

Before taking any action, they either carefully think about all possible outcomes or, alternatively, they will do the polar opposite and  "dive in without even thinking" without deep consideration.

Others might see this type as pessimistic, contradictory, needy, doubting and controlling. 


Your worries: 

Always doubting, not being able to trust yourself and your surroundings.


It is important for you: 

Security, trust.

The people who belong to this type always seek security.  They believe that life is a dangerous place to live and that life does not provide a stable basis for them to survive. Constant anxiety, doubts, and concerns make THE LOYALIST seek stability. This can be in the form of a person, organization, idea, etc. Something stable, in which they can believe where they will find a feeling of security

This type is very dynamic and contrasting. They could be believing and skeptical, trusting and doubting, obedient to authority and rebellious and so on. People of this type have a similar view of the world, however, their reaction can be very different. Fears, doubts, and anxiety are states of being which this type has to face on a daily basis. They attempt to overcome these feelings by either running away or fighting against them.  

The fearful LOYALIST is always trying to avoid any possible danger. They try not to be different when in groups and they come across as subdued and humble. They can be protective, trying to escape from conflicts, or trying to overcome them with a very delicate sense of humor. They can have one of two reactions to danger. Either being proactive in their avoidance of danger, not waiting for it to reach them.  Or they usually dive right into their fear and fight it. They often have the possibility of either of these reactions.

It is important to note that although people of this type can react to the world differently they all have the same inner motivation - fear, and concern until they free themselves

THE LOYALISTS' ability to see the world in this way helps them to analyze situations from different sides and evaluate the risk. They are especially loyal and trustworthy to those who honor their trust.  


Your talents




Responsible and dutiful


group of people

What others of your type say about themselves

  • I always look for security.

  • It is very hard for me to trust others.

  • Inside I often feel fear and anxiety.

  • I am responsible and dutiful.

  • I respect truth and honesty.

  • I have a habit of always explaining my actions.

  • I often ask  “what if…?”

  • I recognize injustices. I always protect those who can not protect themselves.

  • I value teamwork over individual achievement.

  • In a group I always try to create a positive and friendly atmosphere.

  • When I take on a task, it is important for me to know the guidelines and what is expected from me.

  • I always look for support and approval.

  • It is hard for me to give and recieve criticism.

  • I always analyze situations and look for what could go wrong.

  • I love to be rebellious and I do not like to be depended upon.


When you feel imbalanced







How to get along with me

  • Be straight-forward and honest.

  • Listen to me carefully.

  • Do not judge me for being anxious.

  • Reassure me that our relationship is good.

  • Laugh together with me.

  • Push me into new experiences.

  • Accept my overreaction to situations.

"I like to control situations. I often try to figure out the details and consider possible options for the outcomes. I realize that this puts more stress on myself, so I have learned to relax more and allow events to unfold in their own course. It doesn't always work out, but now I notice the rising tension more often and I manage it more easily and work through it."

- Michelle, 35.

The story of my life

“When I get an offer, even the simplest invitation to go to the movies, I always have a bunch of thoughts before I make a decision: will I REALLY like the movie? If I don’t like it, what will I do? How will I get back home after the movie? Do I REALLY want to go there? These and other similar questions pass through my mind in just 5 seconds. Even when making daily decisions, I often consider various situations.”

- Sophie, 28.

"When I had to communicate with people who were energetically stronger than me, I always felt uncomfortable. I was overwhelmed with fear, unable to consider thoughts coherently, or I became reactive, asking provocative questions. Eventually, I realized that all these emotions were caused by my own inner instability and mistrust. I started to educate myself and now, when I find myself in such a situation, I feel comfortable, my feelings and thoughts are no longer evoked by irrational fear.”

- Eric, 34.

Questions to help understand yourself better

  • Do you often think about different scenarios of a situation and predict what could possibly happen and try to escape from it? 

  • Is your reaction to figures of power either positive or negative? Do you often feel like you want to challenge them when you feel concerned? 

  • Do you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings to others?

  • Do you often wonder if the things which make you feel anxious are actually happening in reality or only in your head?​

  • Is it hard for you to make decisions, and you prefer that someone else will make them for you instead?

People like you: Krishnamurti, Johannes Brahms, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, George H.W. Bush, Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Grisham, Mike Tyson, Bruce Springsteen, U2’s Bono, Melissa Etheridge, Eminem, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Spike Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Mel Gibson, Sally Field, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Page, Paul Rudd, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Affleck, Hugh Laurie, Katie Holmes, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Ellen Degeneres, Andy Rooney, Katie Couric, Newt Gingrich, Alex Jones (Infowars), Rush Limbaugh, Chris Rock, Lewis Black, Larry David, Seinfeld’s “George Costanza,” Lord of the Rings’ “Frodo Baggins”  


Still doubting your type?

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Similar types: The Challenger, The Enthusiast, The Achiever


Levels of development

Moving Healthy to Average  level

My state of being which show that I am moving to average levels: "I am becoming dependent on something outside the self for guidance."

"Wake - up call" (read more)  going from healthy levels to average

Moving from Average to Unhealthy level

My thoughts which shows that I am moving to unhealthy levels: "I think my actions have harmed my security."

Red Flag (read more)  moving to unhealthy levels

LEVEL1 Liberated Sixes let go of the belief that they must rely on someone or something outside themselves for support: they discover their own inner guidance. They also paradoxically achieve their Basic Desire - to find security and support, particularly in their own inner guidance. They then become truly secure with themselves, grounded, serene, and valiant.

LEVEL2 Sixes focus on the environment to find support and to alert themselves to dangers. They are friendly, trustworthy, and engaging, seeking to build connection and stability in their world. Self- image: "I am solid, attentive, and dependable."

LEVEL3 Sixes reinforce their self - image by responsibly working to create and sustain mutually beneficial systems, They form alliances with others, bringing thrift, hard work, and an attention to details. They are well- disciplined and practical, often foreseeing potential problems before they arise.

LEVEL4 Sixes begin to fear that they will lose their independence but also believe they need more support. They invest themselves in the people and organizations that they believe will help them, but are uneasy about it. They seek reassurance and guidance in procedures, rules, authorities, and philosophies.

LEVEL5 Sixes worry that they cannot meet the conflicting demand of their different commitments, so they try to resist having any more pressure put on them without alienating their supporters. Thy are anxious, pessimistic, and suspicious, leading to greater caution, impulsiveness, and indecision.

   More levels we discuss in a class.

Practice for personal grow

  • Keep track of how much energy you spend on hesitation and analyzing situations. Assess whether this is really necessary. Perhaps you could use this energy for initiative?

  • Allow yourself to trust others and accept the help of others.

  • Do not dramatize situations. Learn to feel when strong emotions (fear, mistrust, excitement, etc.) begin to arise, and take control of them. Especially if they are negative emotions.

  • Try not to dwell too much on past events and what you have already experienced. When you feel stagnant in your life, use your initiative. Engage in some activities, meet people and so on.

  • Don't wait for someone to save you. It is normal to want help and to ask for it, but pay attention to when it becomes an obstacle to taking real actions. Try to trust yourself and to make your own decisions.

  • Trust your “inner guidance”. You are much wiser and bolder than you think.

  • When you start doubting, stop and think about whether this feeling is due to a real threat or an unfounded fear, a lack of trust.

  • Realize that constantly questioning and doubting others can cause stress and mistrust.

  • Others think of you much more highly than you think. Stop speculating on the thoughts and feelings of others. The situations you create express your opinion about other people more than they do about you. Often we think of ourselves as worse than we really are.

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