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What is Enneagram?

The roots of Enneagram are very deep; however, it had only been introduced to Europe in the 1920s by G.I. Gurdjieff. The Enneagram explains why we act how we act, why we face the same problems yet still make the same decisions, why the behavior of others can seem a little strange, why it is so hard to change, why we feel unhappy, and the most important: why we cannot connect to our true being. If you are at a stage where you are looking for an answer to the questions above, allow me to recommend that you turn your attention and curiosity toward knowledge which can lead you to a new understanding of your personality. 


The Enneagram is represented in a geometric figure, in which you can see numbers from 1 to 9. Nine different numbers represent nine different views of personalities in the world that surrounds us. At the same time, they explain what unites us and gives us hope of understanding each other. This teaching helps us to look deeper into our true being. It explains how we formed into the personalities we are now, and what kinds of problems we face which shape who we are; how we cope with stress, and how we function when we are in harmony, guiding us toward self-development. It is very important to remember that when you work with the Enneagram, this teaching does not put us in a "box".

Enneagram opens up the knowledge of how we give ourselves labels without recognizing that we do, and can show us a path to how we can change and grow in our own personal way.

Discovering our type shows us:

How we

see the world

The basis we use to 

make our decisions

What our values are and what motivates us

 How we react 

to stress

The Enneagram gives us an opportunity to look into the inner world of ourselves and others — to see the roots which have been formed in our early years and made us who we are now. We can hardly remember our childhood, where we experienced many different moments which have shaped our personalities and made us who we are now. By not being aware of our personal identity we come to a lot of conclusions about the world we live in.

Childhood is one of the most important periods in every human's life. During that period, we all had some moments where we experienced something which we were not capable of dealing with, and we decided to hide our inner world in order to protect ourselves from the problems which seemed, for us, too big to deal with. This naturally encouraged us to develop personal qualities that could protect us from our fears. Over time we tried to protect ourselves so deeply that we became attached to the qualities that guarded us well, and this became our identity. However, the fears have never disappeared and they follow us in every moment. That is why we can hardly experience happiness while we are still hiding our true self locked in fear.

The good news is that our inner world is stronger than our brains, and we often get signals that wake us up and guide us toward inner work. Our soul wants to experience freedom and realize itself. That is why we begin the path of self-discovery, which some of us start sooner and some later.  If we do not know and do not understand our inner world, we can hardly grow and follow our spiritual journey. It is difficult to be an observer of your own personality; and even when we begin to practice that, it becomes challenging to isolate and fully understand the issues which we are becoming aware of. This is where we can truly benefit from the knowledge of the Enneagram. It may not provide all of the answers to our problems, but it is a world-renowned source of knowledge which helps people in their daily life.  

The Enneagram helps us not only to get to know ourselves better, but it also helps us to understand others. There certainly are many ways in which people can learn more about themselves; but at this stage, we see this teaching as one of the most powerful that can make the biggest difference for people in their daily life, helping to shed light on the core of all of the problems which a person has to face.

We wish that you enjoy the trip to your inner world!

"We can only change things in ourselves
if we are here, in the present moment."


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