Enneagram Exercises for personal growth

-TYPE 7-

The Enthusiast

This exercise book was created uniquely to support the personal growth of Enneagram Type Seven.

Enneagram exercises book Enthusiast

Every Enneagram type has a unique journey to return home to their true self, which always begins with the first step — bringing awareness into day-to-day life. In this book, you will find 40 exercises which have been created specifically for people who have dominant qualities of “The Enthusiast.”


Every exercise will take you one step closer to a better understanding of yourself, more harmonious relationships, and freedom from old behavioral patterns. 

In this book you will find:

speech 2.png

12 stories


Relate to one of the 12 stories written by people of your type

stories 7.jpg

40 unique exercises


Grow by doing daily exercises which have been created specifically for you. It will help you to release your old beliefs and unlock your true expression.


Personal recommendations


Get familiar with the common shortcomings of your personality type.

Increase personal balance by unlocking inner awareness.


Practical workouts

for your thoughts

Get your thoughts engaged with exercises created by well-known authors.

From where you are to

where you want to be is just a thought.

Have it all – the most useful information in

one book

No more need to browse different books and Internet, when you have your personalized manual in your hands.

Enneagram exercises book 7

Do you:

  1. like making spontaneous decisions?

  2. find it difficult to focus on one thing for a long time?

  3. consider that movement and change are important to you?

  4. agree that freedom is one of your highest values?

  5. think that having many opportunities is important to you?

  6. not like the feeling when others depend on you?

  7. often feel that you do not have enough time to implement all of your ideas?

  8. feel familiar with the sense of “missing out”?

  9. easily generate many new ideas?

  10. always want to just "have a good time"?

If you answered YES more than 7 times, we want to welcome you to our Type Seven community where we have so much in common. Together we share our strengths and shortcomings. Get your exercise book and grow together with other people of your type.

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What do people say about this book?

"This book presents such a wealth of information from start to finish! When I really took the time to sit with the exercises I gained a lot more insight into my own tendencies and habits of thought than I ever would have expected."

- Hanno, 29

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