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Affirmations for the 9 Enneagram types for deeper connection

Updated: Jun 18

Affirmations can be understood as one of the techniques that can help us to change our behavior, to connect with our true selves, or set a new focus, allowing us to see ourselves in a different light. Our thoughts have a significant impact on how we experience the world around us and by incorporating more positive and healing thoughts, we can transform our daily experiences and the choices we make.


Affirmations remind us that inner freedom is attainable for everyone, regardless of our Enneagram type. By integrating these truths into our daily lives, we can cultivate a mindset that supports our personal growth and well-being. The following affirmations are offered to provide guidance and support on your path:


Practicing self-acceptance and unravelling our beliefs helps us to see ourselves more fully. This awakens a new sense of knowing within us, despite the occasional thoughts that make us feel smaller. Consider the following sentences and how they represent a deep inner truth you have always known:


When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I can allow myself to relax and enjoy life.

  • the best I can do is good enough.

  • I am grateful that others have many things to teach me.

  • I can make mistakes without condemning myself.

  • my feelings are legitimate and that I have a right to feel them.

  • I treat others with tenderness and respect.

  • I am gentle and forgiving of myself.

  • I am compassionate and forgiving of others.

  • life is good and unfolding in miraculous ways.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I own all of my feelings without fear.

  • I am clear and conscious of my motives.

  • I am lovable for who I am. 

  • my happiness does not depend on pleasing others.

  • I can let go of loved ones.

  • I nurture my own growth and development.

  • I love others without expecting anything in return.

  • joy and warmth that fills my heart.

  • I have gratitude for all that others have given me.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I have value regardless of my achievements.

  • I am centered and emotionally available.

  • I am caring and have a good heart.I take in the love others give me.

  • I am responsible to those who look up to me.

  • I am happy to work for the good of others.

  • I develop my true talents by accepting who I am.

  • I delight in the accomplishments and successes of others.

  • I can reveal my real self without being afraid.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • feelings do not define my personality;

  • I use my feelings only to express myself;

  • I open myself to other people and the world;

  • I draw on my experience in my efforts to grow;

  • I enjoy the beauty of life, friends and myself;

  • I love and appreciate myself;

  • I am free from my past;

  • I will bring to life something beautiful.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I am secure and grounded in the reality of my own life.

  • I feel the strength and wonder of my body.

  • I value my inventiveness and sense of humor.

  • I accept uncertainty and ambiguity.

  • My life and struggles are meaningful and rewarding.

  • I have faith in the future and in human beings.

  • I reach out to others confidently as an equal.

  • I find serenity in being compassionate toward others.

  • I support others from the fullness of my heart.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I am independent and capable.

  • I can keep my own identity when in groups and in relationships.

  • I have faith in myself, my talents and my future.

  • I meet difficulties with calmness and confidence.

  • I am secure and able to make the best of whatever comes my way.

  • I have a kinship with every human being. I am understanding and generous with all who need me.

  • I act courageously in all circumstances..

  • I find true authority within myself.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I am happiest when I am calm and centered.

  • I can say no to myself without feeling deprived.

  • There will be enough for me for whatever I need.

  • I am resilient in the face of setbacks.

  • I find satisfaction in ordinary things.

  • I stay with projects until I complete them.

  • I care deeply about people and am committed to their happiness.

  • There is a spiritual dimension to my life.

  • I am profoundly grateful to be alive.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I believe in people and care about their welfare.

  • I am big-hearted and let others share the glory.

  • I am honorable and therefore worthy of respect.

  • I am most fulfilled by championing others.

  • I have tender feelings and good impulses.

  • I can be gentle without being afraid.

  • I can master myself and my own passions.

  • there is an authority greater than me.

  • I love others and ask for their love in return.



When I free myself I will gain the knowledge that:

  • I am confident, strong, and independent;

  • I develop my mind and think things through;

  • I am awake and alert to the world around me;

  • I am proud of myself and my abilities;

  • I am steadfast and dependable in difficult times;

  • I look deeply into myself without fear;

  • I am excited about my future;

  • I am a powerful, healing force in my world;

  • I can actively embrace all that life brings.

These affirmations serve as a gentle reminder that our journey to inner freedom is marked by self-love, acceptance, and the recognition of our inherent worth. As we navigate our unique paths guided by the Enneagram, let us hold these affirmations close, allowing them to inspire and uplift us.



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