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Authentic journey home - using Enneagram as a map

It can now be said with certainty that Enneagram has become very well-known all over the world, being used in many ways and contexts. People have found the benefits of this knowledge in their workplace, in their personal relationships, as a tool for self-development, as means to better understand clients, and many other areas.


Despite the depth of knowledge Enneagram can provide, most people end their exploration of its insights when they learn their type, taking it as a final fixed definition of who they are. I was reminded of this when, speaking with a friend, she responded to a conversation we were having with, “What do you expect from me? I am a type five, so you should know I don’t do these things”. This is an example of a situation where Enneagram was used to justify certain behavior, rather than using it as an opportunity to begin from a place of self-awareness of our habitual type-related tendencies and allowing conscious, authentic expression in the moment instead.

This is of course an ongoing journey of personal discovery and awareness, and it begins with the thought “My Enneagram type is not the end of the territory, it is a map that gives me better understanding of my behavior and the reasons why I choose to act in one way or another. Knowing this gives me the strength to ask myself, despite all of my practiced tendencies, how it is that I really want to act or respond in any given moment”.   


The more we begin to shift our focus away from the reactive person we have been, and instead look to how we feel, what we really think or the way we impulsively want to act, then we discover our authentic expression that was always available to us. Here we see the value of Enneagram, as a map for exploring our authenticity, illuminating what we have tried to deny or avoid and providing us an opportunity to compassionately accept and transform these parts of ourselves.

The following 9 statements are an invitation for each of the types to practice compassionate self-acceptance as a freeing step toward authentic personal empowerment:  



I accept that sometimes when I feel angry, I avoid expressing my emotions and judge myself for feeling this way.



I accept that I often use manipulation in order to get what I want.



I accept that sometimes I might betray my own integrity to get admiration from others.



I accept that I choose to live in memories of the past rather than creating my future.



I accept that I steal from myself by avoiding experiences that could potentially cause pain.



I accept that sometimes I project my unrealistic thoughts onto others.



I accept that it is hard for me to commit to my own ideas; I would rather choose something that can be easily accessed now.



I accept that I avoid taking responsibility for the harm I might cause to other people.



I accept that I occasionally avoid voicing my own opinion in order to avoid conflicts with others.

To be authentic is to live in our truth, allowing ourselves to be strong and bravely accepting whatever we might discover about ourselves. We are empowered by the decision that we are in control of how we choose to show up in the world.


When we choose to act in a new way, different to what we normally have, we often experience a sense of fear and ego-protection, but with each new step our heart opens a little more and our self-appreciation expands. We discover our unique beauty and find a sense of loving acceptance of the whole of who we are, even the parts we previously didn’t like. Enneagram provides us an invaluable support in this process as, through it’s depth, it sheds light on all of our shadows throughout our daily life, giving us constant new opportunities to practice acceptance of the whole of ourselves.  


When taken just a few steps beyond just the learning of our type, Enneagram becomes a tool for self-acceptance, and even more so, a tool for personal liberation. It sets us on the path of knowing our true selves, one of the greatest gifts in the experiencing of life.


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