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What is the connection between authenticity and Enneagram?

Enneagram is an incredible source of knowledge that helps us to not only observe and notice our behaviour but also to see the motivation that drives our behaviour. This discovery alone is such a valuable key to setting ourselves free from limited expression that, before gaining this awareness you could have come to the conclusion that the habitual, limited version of you is all that there is. The more we consciously observe ourselves in action, the more we notice behaviours that limit our true expression and are motivated from a basis of fear. 

If we do not nurture a course of action that is based on our fears and instead, we compassionately meet whatever arises about ourselves, we can slowly begin to observe and notice what we truly think and feel behind the practiced ideas of what we have thought to be acceptable and guaranteeing love. This gives us an opportunity to begin to realize what is not real and what is preventing us from having a sense of ourselves, and allowing us to feel like we are slowly “coming back home” to our authentic selves. 


Enneagram is not a tool for defining who we are, but rather a body of knowledge that is given to provide us better awareness that can guide us back to our authentic expression.

Understanding our fear and the desire that awakens as a result of that fear can be a very liberating awareness provided by Enneagram. The desire that we become fixated on, in striving to reach something outside of ourselves, to avoid facing our vulnerability. We can become aware of the price we pay every day in order to attempt to fulfill these desires and instead to step into our power and shift ourselves onto a path of owning our fears. Accepting how these fears have shaped who we are, and then slowly working with them in order to know our incredible authentic self. 


Authenticity can sometimes be a path of rewriting our story, from who we have known ourselves to be, to who we truly are in this moment. The values we hold, the desires that make us feel alive, the way we want to show up or to contribute to the world, the way we feel, the way we want to be in relationship with others, and the power we discover when we take full responsibility for our life. It is important to take a moment to step back and to observe if the way you are living is truly representative of who you are.    


It is a powerful journey, it is yours, and it is important that you will be the one to stand and support yourself on this journey regardless of how others react to you. Enneagram can give you the strength to discover that you are more than just the personality you have known up to this point. 



Our previously released personal notebook/calendar “Authenticity – The freedom to be yourself” has proved itself as a valuable tool, helping many people to explore their individual authenticity. Now, after many requests, we have released a new Authenticity Workbook edition, for those who are looking for all of the growth exercises condensed and revised and without the calendar. Now released and available for worldwide delivery through Amazon, you can find your copy here:

Author‘s word:

My aim in creating this book was to provide a blueprint of the most essential topics. When explored with honesty, it will awaken and encourage the authentic side of you that is eager to be seen and expressed. Each of the topics covered were compiled, not only from many years of study, but also verified by application in my own life, supporting me through personal struggles with identity and belonging, guiding me to a fuller sense of self and to the gifts that can only be found in honest personal expression. The topics you will explore in the following pages will serve as a trigger for your own unique observations and discoveries about yourself while acting as a stepping stone to assist you in coming to a greater sense of self-knowledge.



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